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Low carbon city: kunming 24 state-level "green hotel"

Date: 2013-10-31

Since 2006 to create a green hotel in kunming, 48 hotel was awarded as green hotel.Among them, 24 national green hotels, municipal green hotel 24.
Haitian hotel in the city of kunming in kunming the first company was named municipal green hotel.Into the kunming Haitian hotel, the hotel regional trash can is divided into recyclable, not two kinds, the hotel front desk, restaurants, shopping malls and other department staff, can the initiative to introduce the guests to the hotel green products, green consumption guide guests.At the same time, the hotel also work very pay attention to saving energy and reducing consumption, the hotel has all use water-saving appliances and energy-efficient appliances, saving water, for example, a hotel room by installing water saving toilet, every time a toilet flushing water 20% less than the original;Guest room by adding water pipes, shower and basin faucet flow saves every second half.
Haitian hotel in developing green activities create, also provides food and beverage attendant obligation to guide the guests moderate consumption, a word "take you right amount order, and the rest of the dishes to take home, we will provide you with packaging and store wine service" sign language, to help customers choose the green consumption, to promote savings, against waste.Characteristics and also according to the hotel, the hotel food and beverage, chopsticks sets by one-time use instead of the past is now a waiter recycling, unified disinfection, reuse, reduce waste.Cancelled in the restaurant use disposable chopsticks and foamed snack box and non-biodegradable packaging bags, instead of paper packaging and biodegradable packaging bags and packing boxes, and use less as far as possible.On the selection of food raw materials, kunming Haitian hotel insists on strictly according to the requirements of health and epidemic prevention departments, ensure the raw materials of fine quality, actively develop the introduction of green food, don't sell wild animal protection, and introduced a green food counters in a restaurant, introduce and set up a special exhibit area, on the dining table set up green XuanChuanKa, and advocate the recommend guest check in non-smoking floors, actively promote green consumption consciousness.
Green hotel is to create a "green hotel" in response to a country's call, according to the ministry of commerce and so on six ministries and commissions jointly formulated by the national standard for "China green hotel", to "safety, health, environmental protection" as the core, of the three concepts in the safety aspects of fire safety, public security, security, food safety, consumer safety and occupational safety;A green room in health, green food and health operation;Emphasis on clean production in environmental aspects, focus on saving energy and reducing consumption, and disposal.Will be divided into five rating, with the ginkgo biloba identification, from leaf to leaf five, five leaf is the highest.
Kunming municipal bureau of commerce and trade service management office director hong jiazhen, said by creating green hotel, will further set catering, hotel kunming to save resources, saving energy and reducing consumption, and protect the environment consciousness, guide the industry transformation of the mode of growth, sets up the concept of green management, promote the sustainable development of tourism industry in kunming.