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Kunming serviced apartments with building the cutthroat industry prospects

Date: 2013-09-11

Zhang Ting recently screenwriters , holding the hands of a few millions of dollars , looking everywhere apartments in Kunming , Kunming hand feel of this place , with its spring sojourn came to travel even more and more people , there should be investment in apartmentmoney to make ; hand, but then do not understand hotel apartment investment , I do not know how deep the water , a little heart and a little knock on the snare drum .

And Zhang , as based on the unique climatic conditions in Kunming , and now a lot of people interested in investing in apartments growing .Touchdowns Square, proud city, Moma building , SOHO Joon Park building, apartments, business hotel , fast rise hotels springing up momentum .

Competition with F

"As your lover , friends, family , in order to have a pleasant and wonderful memories " - this is home to Kunming Choi apartments are played ad.

Apartments , meaning " hotel-style service apartment management ", is a service only , no pure service apartment hotel business .Compared with the traditional star hotels , they favorably on the hardware facilities , and even more features, and services offered are also more humane.

Currently, Kunming various names have been around the apartment Commercial Plaza , nightclubs , universities and other places of the city and the streets of the business district or a high-end residential , along along Beijing Road , you can see a wide range of apartments.

" Kunming apartments with floor has entered the competition heating up ." Choi homes apartments person in charge of road.It is understood that there are clouds homes Moma and time Jun Park two stores , which is located in the building time Joon Park, Beijing Road , in addition to clouds homes , there are several other shops in the business .In the same building in Kunming , hotel apartments are more concentrated competition touchdowns Square, proud city and Moma building , located in the North Railway Station SOHO Joon Park, a building, it is packed with Balinese king dry , Jingjing , England ,number Jiacheng , Newport holiday and other hotel apartments.

SOHO Jun Park , although they gathered a number of apartments , but no more than 100 total rooms .Bali Apartments executives admitted in SOHO Junyuan originally intended to further expand its operations to collect listings , but considering there are too many competitors , and various apartments of varying levels of operation , had another site .

"Competition is inevitable, but we do not consider the price war ."

Choi homes apartments divided into large suite rooms , Superior rooms and Superior Room Three , water quotations were 248 yuan , 148 yuan and 138 yuan , while the actual length of stay , the more the greater the discount room rates .

"You need to pay close attention to book our listings recently very tight ." Bali Hotel Apartment front desk staff said .It is understood that the hotel room occupancy rate of apartments in over 80 individual lots often can not get a better hotel room situation will arise .

Clear target customers

Compared with traditional hotel , hotel apartments in addition to traditional hotel offers bed linen , towels, etc. wash services , each suite is also equipped with a refrigerator , washing machine and other daily necessities .In addition, free long stay guests microwave, cooker , pots and pans and other cooking utensils .And in all guest rooms , free wireless Internet access available .

"Currently, apartments consumer groups, mainly for urban white-collar workers , who overseas office in Queensland , small office and business people and students ." Yunnan Agricultural University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Tourism肖洪磊said.

Most of the urban white-collar singles , they have the capital and the pursuit of quality of life, but do not want to own at home in cleaning and want to select a relatively cheap price of the product , apartments undoubtedly be their first choice.In addition , there is also a place to provide communication for a number of small office groups.

Kunming As for South Asia, Southeast Asia, the bridgehead , many business people, especially those overseas office in Queensland also like to live in apartments .In addition to relatively cheap -star hotel , but more important is that many of them will be with his family , living here will give them a homey feel.

No luxury apartment lobby , no doorman luggage , registration, take the keys , everything needs of customers themselves, just like living in the apartments in their homes .

Moma Lee lived in the building , said : "As often want to run the business in the field, general travel would choose to live this hotel-style apartment is not only cheaper than star hotel, long live can also offer, finish the business back.returned 'home' , the comfortable . "

Such business people like Lee , constitute the main consumer groups serviced apartments .In the nearby college town, is another big demand for student groups such apartments .

" Friday to Sunday , do not make reservations in advance simply can not get a room ." Yuk Sau Yuhua district near the city of Xin Yue Apartment in Kunming Chenggong University boss Chan said.

Chan Yuk Sau Yuhua district in a high-rise residential bought two sets of more than 180 square meters , 3 floor house , after renovation , each house becomes five small apartments , the price of 60 ~100 yuan range .Week, the two houses have at least three days in the full state , and the remaining four days there will be some individual stay.


"In Beijing , Shanghai , apartments presented vigorous development trend, which developed and now has a very large commercial relationship ."

Director of the Board , Vice President of New Channels XU Jiang-tao believes that the development of apartments in the early showing of good and bad management of the phenomenon , a lot of facilities and equipment, the lack of personalized service .But in the future , whether it is property management services or facilities, will be better and better.

In Xiaohong Lei seems to apartments there are still some problems.First , people 's apartments have a lot of titles , such as hotel apartments, senior apartments, garden apartments , etc., so that the name can not be unified .Secondly, with hotel-style services , ticketing and banking services , to what extent can be called in the end apartments and do not have a clearly defined, often depends largely on the boss.

" Although the problem exists, but because of market demand , apartments still have relatively good prospects for development ."

For apartments, some industry insiders believe that , compared to the current country has developed , standardized, high-end high-end hotel market , the development of high-end hotels in China is not the only option , apartments have become a good investment goods .

For example, Ms. Chen , in accordance with its room occupancy rate calculation, the monthly minimum guarantee her a house can receive 5,000 yuan rent.It is understood that housing purchase price Chan Yuk Sau Yuhua district during the 3500 yuan / square meter , a 180 m2 house also more than 60 million.Necessary to remove the cost and other circumstances , Chan each house rent of $ 50,000 a year , so doing, she is less than 15 years will be able to recover the investment cost of a house .

"Of course, not blindly buy apartments , the most important thing is to choose the right area ."

Because apartments customer base is very clear, so the local business environment is good, whether the transportation is convenient , the surrounding facilities such as schools, hospitals , etc. are complete , determine whether there is a stable consumer base.This will be a steady stream of tourists , investment income apartment to get a solid guarantee.

After careful study and preliminary layout , Zhang heart of a stone off the ground , resolutely decided to invest in apartments, opening day, Zhang smile on his face , as if to see a better life in waved to him.