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"Kunming hotel" platform success in mobile Internet power industry development

Date: 2013-11-22

Since 2009 to issue 3 g licences, after several years of development, China's mobile Internet ushered in a new development climax.According to statistics, China's mobile Internet users has reached 485 million, the production scale is exceeding RMB one hundred billion, and is developing at more than 50% of the growth rate every year, in such a sunrise industry of infinite business opportunities, development prospects, former to preempt the Internet industries began to "have it both ways" are in 3 g mobile Internet, a large number of industry information interactive APP client have begun to emerge.Relevant experts said "kunming hotel" (http://kmjiudian.yglm.mobi/) online success in the development of the mobile platform are both expected and unexpected.
3 g mobile Internet promote the development of kunming is emerging in the hotel industry
In 3 g Internet market nuggets boom blustery, Chinese hotel industry natural not far behind.There have been some successful cases and hotel client.The success of the hotel "and" kunming for industry development has brought the huge driving force, so to speak.Kunming hotel industry after the world expo in the low state, as the ceaseless improvement of years development, has made progress, but there are still some problems.The success of the hotel "and" kunming online not only integrates the advantages of online resources, and broke the traditional development pattern, kunming in the hotel industry provides a new development model, more users provide a systematic and convenient services.
If the rise of the Internet opens a new market for every profession and trade, so, the advent of the era of 3 g development for kunming hotel industry opens up a new marketing channel.To create a 3 g mobile client form in 3 g mobile Internet, has become the hotel industry the main way to seek development in the field of 3 g.
All-round development of hotel industry in kunming
At the same time, industry experts said Liang Zhaojun, pay attention to the development of the local market.Hotel industry in addition to put eye on foreign trip, also want to notice to kunming local market demand and consumption ability.The hotel products, local consumption has great potential.Especially the hotel catering service, the hotel also noticed the trend, with the wedding banquet, worship, opening party, banquet service, also introduced by the local customers like buffet catering services, such as can also be used to local customers bowling, gym and other entertainment projects.To develop the local market more should pay attention to the quality of the product, because the local consumer word of mouth publicity is more important.Combined with the hotel's distinguishing feature each, starting from the brand awareness, set up the hotel window on the provincial, national and international image.
In addition, the flourishing tourism industry also greatly drive the hotel the vigorous development of related industries, it is understood that the government put forward the tourism development in yunnan province become after tobacco, resource development and biotechnology is one of the four pillar industries, which is implemented to build yunnan into a major tourism province, national culture province of the objective need of strategic objectives, to that end, provincial, municipal government issued a series of policies and measures for the center with kunming, at the same time, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, improve the tourism environment and investment environment.Under the support of the government, the hotel industry is gaining momentum in kunming.