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Two big hands to promote kunming chenggong new city hotel industry vigorous development

Date: 2013-12-04

A few days ago, kunming, foster's group and intercontinental hotels group held a grand signing ceremony in kunming, a five-star hotel brand - intercontinental hotels group has signed for crowne plaza in colorful yunnan, the first one.
Kunming's foster's group development colorful yunnan, the first one of the construction of the city as a large light chenggong new city of urban complex project, is a new commercial business center, center for cultural exchanges.The move into colorful yunnan, the first one in the city of kunming chenggong crowne plaza hotel, is the chenggong area south garden after Howard Johnson hotel in another international five-star hotel brand.Hotel by the international famous RTKL design, architectural design firm, a total construction area of more than 84000 square meters, 165.75 meters high, a total of 40, 330 guest rooms, will become another landmark chenggong new area.
Both sides said, signing with intercontinental hotels group, foster's group is located in the colorful yunnan chenggong new city, the first one city, is a very forward-looking and strategic vision.Chenggong new city of kunming, as the pudong new area in Shanghai and the pearl river new town of guangzhou.Chenggong now has become the administrative center is located in kunming, as well as education, healthcare, superior resources of land, the partnership will no doubt make full use of its advantages in resources to form a complete set with industry benchmark attitude, leading the local hospitality industry booming, for chenggong new city build new business core, which makes both of us are optimistic about its future development prospect and the core status.At the same time, through the big project, the major brands of common drive, also to promote the development of kunming chenggong new city of substance and leap.
Foster's group, is a vigorous development of leading enterprises in yunnan.Has now successfully developed construction spring city wealth, new South Asia, South Asia amorous feelings, the first one, colorful yunnan flower city, and many other large real estate projects.Among them, the South Asia amorous feelings, the first one city as kunming's first urban context, has become a new commercial center of kunming.At the same time, its "colorful yunnan", "city being auspicious", "south garden", "happy heart garden" and so on well-known brand in China, as well as many brand of international cooperation, and also in rapid development.
As the world's first intercontinental hotels group hotel management group, which owns, management, rent or managed hotel up to more than 4600, nearly more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.With the world's oldest and most high-profile: intercontinental, HuaYi, indira, crowne plaza, holiday, and wisdom to choose a holiday such as a well-known hotel brand.The intercontinental group, crowne plaza group is one of the world's most outstanding hotel companies, since the 1990 s to enter the Chinese mainland, has more than 60 cities in the greater China region has opened 200 hotels.Always in international 5 star hotel standard management, strict management, repeatedly won the best business hotel, best meeting best theme hotel, hotel, etc.