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Carrefour signed in kunming colorful city Make European standard large supermarket

Date: 2014-09-30

On September 24, France's carrefour in kunming million color city signing ceremony was held at the golden eagle plaza hotel, kunming best jue Wang Binggui sunshine real estate development co., LTD., general manager and all the directors, vice President of carrefour China, south China region President Cao Chengzhi and related charge, wuhua related leaders to participate in the signing ceremony.
Vice President of carrefour China, south China region President Cao Chengzhi participate in the signing ceremony and delivered a speech, cao total introduced: kunming as the political, economic and cultural center of yunnan province, as carrefour choice of development in the province, kunming carrefour color city project with a total investment of about one hundred and fifty million, covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters, carrefour will be advantageous resources and geographical advantages, with kunming as inhabited by local and foreign tourists to provide superior service and affordable price, in order to further enhance the level of kunming city commercial output.Cao total said: in 2015, yunnan Dali, chuxiong, lijiang, etc will also have opened new operations.
Cao always said: "carrefour in kunming million color city is its location advantages, wonderful residential communities, and surrounding and convenient traffic conditions, with kunming best jue sunshine real estate co., LTD., the combination of open, make city landmarks, city and district commercial living value. Carrefour kunming million color city project will be built into a European level standard large supermarket, carrefour store layout and the combination of goods will fully reflect the modernity of carrefour retail trendsetter, in quality assurance and health and safety of goods also will be the first-class, will let the kunming business are really moving towards internationalization, the kunming's consumers are really understand modern carrefour supermarket."