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Kunming delicious edible roses

Date: 2014-04-01

Kunming April day, peace, eight street, 8900 mu of edible roses were in the field.Peace launched a unique rose eight street banquet, tempting food with fragrant roses, really delicious, covet.From roses sugar to the feast, eight street edible roses are from the fields to the table.
According to rose development of banquet chef, edible roses because eight street entrance feel good, before you stay on the roses of candy, flowers, cake production, just want to try the peaceful edible roses made dishes, really make the roses and delicious food.
Has now launched 15 courses, including the imperial concubine roses, crispy Fried tofu dishes are very popular with customers.According to the imperial concubine roses is to use the Japanese tofu tofu with freshly picked the day made eight street edible roses, heat-clearing and good effect is very good.