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Yunnan cuisine Flowers cakes

Date: 2014-07-26

Flowers cake is a with yunnan edible roses into the material, is a classic dim sum with characteristic of yunnan yunnan representative.Flowers cakes are sold mostly in yunnan local bakery brand.Each year in April, wait for flowers cakes on the market has been a common expectation of the local people, waiting in long lines to buy a fresh flower cake has been a common sight.
Allusion - pastry appointed by emperor qianlong
According to historical records, flowers cakes as early as 300 years of the qing dynasty created by a cake chef, because flowers cake with a fragrance of ooze, sweet and not greasy, raise colour beauty, the characteristics of the widely circulated, both from the southwest of kunming to tianjin in the north.In late qing dynasty when the "age of yanjing record" records: "of April in the rose rose cake. In the purple wisteria flowers, of vines cake. All the food of timely also."Edible roses blooming is limited, and this kind of bread only edible rose petals, which is one reason for the flower cake is quite valuable.Sublimation, increasingly along with the flowers cake reputation by itself official tribute, jumped into the royal palace of this point, and are adored by emperor qianlong, and obtain the anointed: "after the god treats with roses bread don't have to play, please."
Ingredients - yunnan edible roses
Edible roses as rosaceae, rose deciduous shrubs, most areas are distributed in our country, but the highest of planting in yunnan.Yunnan has been called the "kingdom of plants", "flowers" kingdom of reputation, the country more than seventy percent of the flowers from here, it is because of yunnan has incomparable advantage over other areas - four spring-like climate, abundant sunshine, quality advantageous geographical location, for the growth of edible roses provides excellent conditions.
Process - way way carefully layer upon layer
[picking 】 : edible rose picking is a very elegant work, must start picking every morning with the morning dew, picking to must finish before and after nine o 'clock in the morning.Because the temperature began to rise after nine o 'clock, with the volatilization of the fragrance of flowers and, in turn, affect the quality of flowers.
【 storage 】 : after being picked roses after a preliminary screening of workers, we must enter the refrigerator storage or by flowers for the ice truck to transport in time to the factory processing.
"Cake" : flowers cake is the general practice - with bud or slightly open the rose petals rose paste is made of, combined with the ingredients such as flour, sesame oil, sugar, honey, baking and made of fresh flower cake tender and refreshing, fragrant, refreshing.