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The final MiGui train

Date: 2014-12-16

MiGui line called the yunnan railway, was built in 1901 by the French people, officially put into operation in 1910.The earliest is a temporary passenger car compartment shorter wooden car, car body shell is made of wood, the car seat is made of wood, but is not the arrangement, but, like some old seat on the bus, two rows on the edge, the middle aisle.The earliest time, traction or steam locomotive, later changed to diesel locomotive.Now can see some of the car, is made in the early 80 s.Although not the oldest MiGui train, but also is one of the "gran torino" of the train.We have learned, now there are 7 cars run MiGui train, each weighing 26.6 tons, length is only 16.7 meters, weight and only 7 tons, complement for 58 people, for diesel fuel.And all the common passenger trains is quasi rail trains, electric drive, gauge at about 1.435 meters (broad gauge gauge between 1.52 meters to 1.524 meters), each 23.6 meters long, 45.5 tons of weight, capacity for 118 (22 type car seat).
From kunming train north station stops, two a day trip to kunming, chenggong, kunming north station, xishan horse street -- - kunming train north station MiGui train, still retains the bus tickets.The one hundred MiGui railway still wear and the downtown, in congested urban ground, it clear.Most of the time become city on the train, parents with children full fare less than 10 yuan.You can be from a higher fast not slow not crowded, the line of sight at leisure to enjoy the wide carriage city. The beautiful scenery of the countryside changing.
Sit on this trip in less than 30 kilometers of antiques, make your mind a lot.It still have you ever experienced or you have not experienced many only.Into the garden section, such as train train will carry you through the world also only in the use of rail and MiGui flat lined up.MiGui carriage is very small, see the carriage is 3 meters line of sight, stroke segment, you put the line of sight away, not in time to debug a body natural freedom comfortable little train at the station in a minute.