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Jiuxiang specialty is recommended

Date: 2014-11-10

Nine township, there are many natural, pure green, high quality and low price products.Plate spring has yams, the mountain tangli flower, hundred flowers, tartar tsubaki listed in great quantities, is a good place for eat, eat flower;Summer has wild fungus, chicken, dry bacteria, porcini, QingTou bacteria, such as can be seen everywhere on the hills, can climb a breath of fresh air, exercise, eat satisfied after oral mushroom.Autumn moon green vegetable, with the wild fruit;Winter with bacon, beef, bubble cylinder wine, let you not drunk no return.
What is the specialty nine township?
Wild fungus
Yunnan complex landform, a variety of forest type, soil type and unique three-dimensional climate conditions, gave birth to the rich resources of wild edible fungi, the variety of its, wide distribution, yield, legendary.Mushroom fleshy loose, fragrance is black and white, all kinds of fungus mushrooms taste the same and moisture.Wild fungus, mushrooms fleshy, different taste, aroma rich, its nutritional value is the scientific research of artificial mushroom cannot match.So wild fungus also because of rare and precious.
Today will still be edible, drying be called "Dihe" pancakes, used to make clear soup, and will be sold on the market.Spirulina from lake like Chad acquisition.
Chinese caterpillar fungus
Cordyceps sinensis is a worm and grass together long, a strange thing, winter is the worm, there the grass in the summer from worms.
Pu 'er tea
Bright red thick appearance color red-brown, endoplasm rinsing, unique Chen fragrant aroma, taste mellow back to gan, red and brown leaves.For the tea and ripe tea, natural fermentation raw tea and ripe tea artificial ripening."Jumps over Chen yue sweet" is recognized to be the biggest characteristic of puer tea difference between other tea, "sweet nine Wan Chen fang LAN qi, tastes do one thousand pu-erh tea."Puer tea is "antique", is different from other tea in the new, puer tea in the "Chen" tend to rise gradually over time.