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"Great age of kunming - look at yunnan border gold" series theme forum is shining in kunming

Date: 2014-10-07

Financial office by the people's government of yunnan province, yunnan daily newspaper group, private entrepreneurs association of yunnan province, yunnan, pan-asian small micro financial institute, Spring Festival gala media co., LTD., wanda group, nanjing securities yunnan branch, optimizing advertising co-host of "great age of kunming - look at yunnan border gold" series theme forum activities third forum "under the theory of asset management: economic downlink channel of assets security management" in YunAn international conferences are held in the heart, experts and entrepreneurs are under downward pressure, how to strengthen the safety management of assets, enterprises how to effectively prevent asset risk, to ensure sustained and rapid development wisdom collision, the scene is flared.
Guo Shuhua: the real estate market is unlikely to cause a sharp reversal
Local well-known economist, party secretary of yunnan university school of economics professor, doctoral supervisor Guo Shuhua summarizes current macro economic operation situation: low growth, low inflation, outstanding characteristics, economic weakness of start, "troika" synchronous slow, industrial production dropped significantly, slowing growth in industries with excess capacity.
"This year, China's economic growth tends to slow, economic downward pressure is bigger, the early stage of the growth phase shift, throes of structural adjustment and stimulus digestion phase 'superposition of three periods of increased risk, in the first quarter GDP growth of 7.4%, and in the last quarter than the same period last year has dropped slightly, 18 months low." Guo Shuhua said that the price level continued to lower, 2 months before the CPI is up 2.2%, as the lowest level since 2010 in the same period, "on the other hand, investment growth dropped significantly, consumption growth slowed, export growth, trade surplus narrowed sharply."
For people most concerned about the real estate industry, his analysis, overall, since 2014, tight credit conditions, high capital interest rate, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations, residents expected quietly turned to factors such as increased the real estate market trend, cyclical and structural adjustment of the pressure, the real estate market have, "real estate investment growth is slightly lower, commercial housing turnover fell rapidly, housing prices continue to differentiation, some cities began to test." Afternoon, he thought influenced by tight real estate credit policies continuous fermentation, in the second quarter of the real estate market may further cooling, however, the real estate market is unlikely to cause a sharp reversal. Although part of the high vacancy rate of three or four line city appeared the phenomenon of demand greater than supply, tight credit conditions more big risk of the market bubble burst, but this kind of phenomenon is localized, spread co., LTD. Classification in the new "guidance" regulation policy, under the action of regional imbalance of supply and demand contradiction Is expected to ease, the banking industry for the first time home buyers, affordable housing construction in the areas of credit support to remain stable, "the direction of China's real estate market overall judgment, are changing, commercial housing investment growth cannot last forever, need to increase to stabilize housing construction investment and reduce overcapacity. Policy, policy applicability to reduce overall, need to adjust measures to local conditions, classification implementation."
Assets security management strategy for the economic downturn period, Guo Shuhua argues that under the macroeconomic background, the chance of investment market is relatively small, the best investment strategy is still to be predominantly defensive investments, to hold their value as the primary target. Defense is given priority to, in terms of investing in the stock market, will be looking for structural opportunities. His special remind, loan products have a higher risk, "P2P market hot let many investors tempted, if you have a customer point of view to make this an investment, is quite dangerous," according to the statistics, April has been six platform crisis, cause serious losses for investors' principal. Borrowing project also has a risk, therefore, some background of the platform has a big group, as appropriate, by letter, Liu Jin action travel e home security aspects, such as high for small businesses. "
Real estate investments, for just need buyers, he suggested that can consider to sell. First target is, of course, at a discount. Future promotions phenomenon will be more and more, this just need to homebuyers offers many opportunities. Current market face a series of negative factors such as the economic downturn, especially in the first half of the mortgage interest rate rise is to make the situation worse, as a set of housing, the interest rate for the different housing costs, a different to some extent, this also contributed to the market downturn, "developers for half year performance, impact is likely to intensify the promotion, so the price property will appear a lot. Now the property market is no longer a seller's market, which makes the buyers have more choices. The market can accept reduction within 20%, thus building a drop of 10% ~ 10%, is acceptable."
GuanWenJun: small and medium-sized enterprise financing more focus on the new financing strategies
Citic bank of kunming branch, general manager of investment banking, yunnan university of finance and economics school of finance professional master's tutor, yunnan university of finance and a visiting professor at the institute of international business management, provincial finance department, the national development and reform commission, department of science, the ministry committee appointed experts GuanWenJun medium small enterprise financing strategy analysis, he thought of the present situation of financing difficulties in small firms. Their own financial irregularities, bank credit rating system does not support, lack of policy support, the imperfect system of social credit environment, the enterprise financing channel is narrow.
He argues that crack countermeasures of equity financing, financing for smes, "equity financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the introduction of outside shareholders, capital increase, the undistributed profit carried forward capital; introduction of PE funds, expand the financial investment, by relying on channels, such as Ming real debt model.
Creditor's rights financing, financing channels including traditional bank loans, including working capital loans, fixed assets loans, project loans, entrusted loans, etc. Bank acceptance; Domestic letter of credit; Around the core enterprise of factoring and so on, "the focus is on innovative financing channels seed fund, can be the option loans, trust loans, lease financing, small and medium-sized enterprises set bills, privately raised company bonds, etc." For the government to support funds, on the one hand, is directly funding support, on the one hand, is the development of small and medium-sized enterprise financing guarantee institutions, and play a role of the government administrative guidance.
GuanWenJun put forward the new financing strategy, the network finance, the financing services company that has P2P, the B2C microcredit company, private capital management and so on